Expert advice on Belgian-Dutch opportunities

Tax, accounting and legal advice and estate planning for families, their companies and their assets 

You have business and/or private interests in the Netherlands and Belgium. This means that you, your family and/or the management of your companies must take into account legislation, policy and case law in the fields of tax law, private law, inheritance law and property law in both countries. As experienced advisors with a combined knowledge of both Dutch and Belgian practice, we can take many frets and worries out of your hands.

How can you remedy the 10-year risk period for inheritance and gift tax after migration from the Netherlands to Belgium?

You want to avail yourself of the attractive Belgian favourable regime for inheritance/gift of family companies.

  • Is the Dutch part of the company structure blocking this?
  • How can you ensure access to the favourable regime?
  • Can you keep real estate in the structure?

You live in Belgium and have organized your assets with a Nederlandse Stichting Administratiekantoor [Dutch Trust Foundation].

  • What does the recent change in Dutch regulations mean for control by you and your family?
  • Does what is known as the  Belgian Cayman tax still affect this?

Your asset structure consists of one or more open limited partnerships or open mutual funds.

  • How do you want to deal with the strict limitations on the use of these structures announced as of 1 January 2022 and the transitional arrangements offered?

What can the Belgian-Dutch Desk do for you?

The Belgian-Dutch Desk of Deloitte Private is geared specifically to families active in both countries. Thanks to the integrated approach and in-depth expertise of the Belgian-Dutch Desk, you can always count on solid, sustainable and realistic advice.

Caroline Costermans (BE) and Rudolf Janssen (NL), who are permanent advisors to leading families and their companies in both countries, are your contacts. The team not only has extensive experience in the day-to-day tax, financial and legal practice of family businesses on either side of the border, but also makes an important contribution to research and education on this topic in both countries.

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