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NGIN Insights solution helps you to overcome challenges such as ageing assets, reliability issues, the integration of new technologies in existing infrastructures, and the digitisation of assets, while maintaining smooth, uninterrupted performance. Each component addresses a particular business need.

  • Asset Information Management (AIM)

    Our solution helps to identify the data that are relevant for a particular asset and monitor the quality of this data. We help you to set up the adequate data governance and processes to embed asset information management in the DNA of your company.
  • Asset Risk Management (ARM)

    Having an insight into the health of an asset, its criticality and its corresponding risk level helps you to perform a proper asset segmentation for which the optimal asset policies can be designed with respect to inspection, maintenance and replacement. Appropriate indicators are designed and monitored.
  • Predictive Asset Management (PAM)

    Understanding past and current performance creates knowledge, and predicting future behaviour delivers insights and enables you to adopt a proactive approach to optimise the total life-cycle costs of an asset in balance with its performance and level of risk.
  • Asset Management Planning (AMP)

    Based on health, criticality and risk indices (both actual and predicted), long, mid and short term planning are simulated, taking into account different business rules and constraints such as your budget, available FTE or regulatory considerations (e.g. performance levels, sanitation programmes). The solution enables you to simulate budgets, perform stress testing and optimise total life-cycle costs.
  • Grid Optimisation & Simulation (GOS)

    Electric utilities are facing the challenge of integrating Distributed Energy Resources into the grid, which is introducing completely new dynamics. Having insights into prosumer profiles, understanding the impact on loads, calculating future grid capacity needs and simulating investment needs and its alternative investment options are key for you to respond to those challenges.

The NGIN Insights solution integrates these components into one end-to-end solution tailored to your industry which is ready for use, reducing the time-to-value. Our flexible delivery models allow you to consume the solution in the cloud or on-premise, fully integrated with your legacy systems and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. By means of our usage-based pricing model, you pay according to the value created with no need to invest in large-scale platforms, enabling you to scale and grow at your own pace.

The platform for an insights-driven organisation

You know your business, you know what buttons need to be pushed. Your experience and intuition give you a very good idea of what really matters. But do you have the data scientists to formalise that analysis, and check your intuition with cold, hard facts? And, have you thought about the technical challenges you face when you need to process vast amounts of data into simple to grasp conclusions?

The NGIN Insights Platform is secure, performant and updated regularly with the latest algorithms to help you visualise your analyses in the most optimal way. This proven solution is flexible and can adjust to your needs and is provided out-of-the-box, whether the platform runs in the cloud or in your own data centre.

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Results with impact

NGIN Insights is being used by many parties to create impact in their business. To give you an idea, check out our gas use cases.

Our phased approach

  • Do you know where you are heading? – Develop your digital roadmap.
  • Do you have the necessary fundamentals? – Conduct a feasibility study
  • Are you ready for the next step? – Launch a pilot project
  • Ready for the take-off? – Implement your plan

Contact us to get a proposition tailored to your needs and level of maturity.

Developed for you

Deloitte developed the NGIN Insights solution together with its industrial partner Eandis, guaranteeing a pragmatic and proven industry-tailored solution that will help you to overcome the challenges you face and take advantage of the opportunities they create. Furthermore, the solution leverages IBM’s cutting-edge Watson IoT technology.

Our solutions

NGIN offers a unique set of industry tailored solutions in five specific domains:

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NGIN Solutions

  1. NGIN Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  2. NGIN Asset Management
  3. NGIN Engineering
  4. NGIN Renewables
  5. NGIN Grid Procurement
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