NGIN Procurement

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Best-in-class infrastructure procurement

NGIN Procurement was designed by Deloitte in collaboration with Eandis to help you to develop a well-performing procurement department to deal with the complex nature of the domain and achieve an optimal balance between compliance (public procurement) and business (functionality, technicity,..). The NGIN Procurement offering covers best value procurement, contract bundling and technical grid procurement services.

NGIN Procurement offers you solutions in:

Developed for you

Deloitte developed the NGIN Procurement solution together with its industrial partner Eandis, guaranteeing a pragmatic and proven industry-tailored solution that will help you to overcome the challenges you face and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

Our solutions

NGIN offers a unique set of industry tailored solutions in five specific domains:

NGIN Homepage

NGIN Solutions

  1. NGIN Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  2. NGIN Asset Management
  3. NGIN Engineering
  4. NGIN Renewables
  5. NGIN Grid Procurement
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