The future of the DSOs

A European Utility Week 2017 wrap-up

This is a wrap-up of the learning points we took away from attending the European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam from October 3 till 5. These insights come from listening to keynotes, participating in panel discussions, talking with several people from DSOs and domain experts as well as conversations we had in our “Digital Asset Management” booth at EUW17. DSOs are facing numerous new realities, among other things, aging assets, reliability issues, asset digitization, integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption growth, and regulatory scrutiny.

These new realities impose new challenges, but also create new opportunities for DSOs. The DSOs that will excel are those that will be able to transform themselves into flexible and agile organisations. This is not a given for a business that has been stable for very long.

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