Agrofood - Family business

A targeted approach

At Deloitte Fiduciaire, we are aware that the agrofood sector requires a specific approach. Our many years of experience as trusted advisor for a wide variety of companies in that line of business provides us with profound insight into the sector, one that also demands a targeted approach, often along multidisciplinary lines.

For instance, traditionally, agro businesses frequently hire temporary workers, which has a great impact on labour costs. At the end of last year, temporary labour represented just 10 % of the total labour cost. Our most recent ‘KMO Kompas’, a study mapping the financial and operational performance of Belgian SME’s, also shows that particularly the agro-food sector has seen a healthy increase in sales. Of all sectors, players in food and agriculture have least felt the impact of the crisis on their value.

Yet, many agro-food businesses find that it is no sinecure to continue maintaining the margins on their products. Moreover, they have to allow for continuingly stricter environmental standards, which entail the requisite costs of investment. It is further self-evident that competition from other continents is rampant, pushing up the pressure on these companies even further.

Deloitte Fiduciaire supports these businesses in their general bookkeeping, in improving production processes, management reporting, advice on (cross-border) employment contracts, refining business models in line with current market configurations, and more.

In short, at Deloitte Fiduciaire we have all the tools for assisting food-processing businesses in word and deed!

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