Stable with some remaining risks

Although the DIY sector has seen a slight regression, over the past year it has been showing a stable volume of activity and continues to be relatively spared within a generally unfavourable economic context. Just as in our neighbouring countries, the downturn in the property market represents a risk factor for the future.

This mainly applies to the independent players whose numbers have been falling to the benefit of the “Big Four” in the sector, which are still continuing to invest massively in developing retail outlets and new concepts. The brands “Brico”, “Hubo”, “Gamma” and “Monsieur Bricolage” now have almost 400 stores in Belgium and this number could be expected to rise by 10% in the next few years.

Adding a female touch, developing own brands and products, more attention to e-commerce and new technologies for a personalised service, all these are the development pathways for the main market players, whose success depends more than ever on the quality of the stores and the dynamism of the franchisees.

Deloitte Fiduciaire occupies a unique position in this context and has in-house expertise for the DIY sector. Based on its experience as the favoured consultant for family businesses, Deloitte Fiduciaire has already been advising a number of players in the sector for some years now. The consultant has developed benchmarking tools specifically for them, these in addition to dashboards, profitability calculations per product family and such multidisciplinary services as Cloud Accounting (an interactive digital platform that combines administrative simplification and an innovative reporting tool, the first of its kind).

Sinds enkele jaren is de doe-het-zelfsector volop in beweging. De sector blijft groeien in een landschap waarin de concurrentie keihard is en er steeds meer verschillende etens bijkomen die allemaal hun eigen specialiteit bieden. Niets wordt aan het toeval overgelaten. Réginald de Woot, gedelegeerd bestuuder van Mr. Bricolage, is er nochtans in geslaagd om samen met zijn team en een netwerk van dynamische commerciële krachten zijn keten uit te bouwen tot een van dé referenties van de sector. Hij legt uit wat het geheim van hun succes is.

Succes gebaseerd op samenwerking
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