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Technology and media go hand in hand. The media sector is facing huge challenges due to technological developments following one another in rapid succession. Just think of the rise of the tablet, the constantly increasing use of the internet and the immense popularity of social network sites.

Will the internet and tablets elbow out the traditional medium of television? What about digital television and skipping advertising blocks? Is watching television over the internet the future? What are the opportunities of the internet for those in the advertising world and what do they do about social network sites? Will businesses increasingly switch to ‘virals’ to promote their products via the internet, or will online banner campaigns be used where information is also sent to potential advertisers about visitor profiles and surfing behaviour? How will publishers and printers respond to the shift from paper to digital?

Making digital information pay appears to be a slow, laborious process. What about copyrights, now that the internet allows articles to be relayed indiscriminately? In the present media landscape, companies are increasingly joining forces through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, but there are also possibilities for smaller players if they are sufficiently flexible and innovative.

In that same spirit of dynamism, Deloitte Fiduciaire has geared its service to SME players in the sector of technology and media. For instance, we have a team of intellectual property specialists, who have skilled themselves in such areas as drawing up confidentiality agreements, agreements on source code retention and licensing agreements, commercial agency advice and guidance, distribution agreements, and more.

Some of our tax specialists have exhaustive knowledge of setting up and utilising a tax shelter and tax guidance on copyrights. Our specialists in social law advise you about what comes under the provisions of copyright law and what needs to be regarded as worked performed.

Thanks to our specific sector knowledge, our multidisciplinary team and our advanced tools geared to sector needs, Deloitte Fiduciaire can already count many leading companies in the technology and media sector among its clientele.

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