Pharmacy - Family business

Suiting your pharmacy needs

The pharmacy sector has been in full evolution for some time. In just a few years, the pharmacist-proprietor profession has evolved from scientist to that of business manager. The pharmacist operates in an environment where the commercial aspect is gaining in importance.

At a time when governmental measures continue to nibble away at pharmacists’ margins, it is important for them to keep optimum control of discounts received and given.

In addition, the HR policy is becoming steadily more complex for pharmacists. For instance, they need to find solutions for time credit, parental leave and the like.

Deloitte Fiduciaire provides pharmacies a multidisciplinary service suited to their needs:

  • Bookkeeping from A to Z.
  • Monitoring margins and discounts received and given.
  • Management data adapted to the sector, as well as comparisons relative to other pharmacies.
  • Advice about personnel management.
  • Advice in the event of acquisition or sale of a pharmacy
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