Project development - Family business

Offering a total package

The sector cluster for project development within Deloitte Fiduciaire combines all expertise needed for a company operating in project development in terms of accountancy, IT, direct and indirect tax.

For instance, Deloitte Fiduciaire provides reports tailor-made for the project developer in order to be able to report on time and correctly to management and their internal and external financers. Furthermore, the sector cluster for project development has the necessary knowledge in the areas of the Belgian Residence Construction Law, stock valuation, bookkeeping obligations, etc.

Within the sector cluster for project development, experiences are exchanged and ‘best practices’ shared regularly, in order to keep the sector cluster’s members informed about new trends and changes within the sector.

Deloitte Fiduciaire stands out from others because we are able to offer a total package for assisting project developers in their projects and move forward together for success.

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