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Challenges ahead

It is generally known that the situation is particularly challenging for many companies in the transport and logistics sector. Recent changes in the law provide official inspectors with opportunities to scrutinise our sector even more.

VAT fines have been increased substantially and the battle against bogus self-employment has been stepped up.

As regards tax and social security inspections, there is a trend towards “super” inspections, which, attended by IT specialists, scrutinise the whole operational process from CMR through payrolling to invoicing.

In the acquisitions market, we are seeing major players looking for opportunities in line with their strategy. Lastly, we notice that knowledge about transport law is still limited in our sector.

With its multidisciplinary sector consultants, Deloitte Fiduciaire has built up unique knowledge about such questions originating from the sector as:

Labour costs of drivers

  • How can I optimise the labour cost of my international drivers even more?


  • What specific VAT rules apply to my transport company for national, international and intracommunity goods carriage?
  • What impact does the new invoicing directive have on my operating processes?


  • How is loss compensation arranged internationally in the event of loss of cargo?
  • How is contamination damage regulated?
  • Who pays excise duties and VAT in the event of theft?

Transport software

  • Who is liable for loss incurred if my route planning fails?


  • What is the acquisitions landscape like in my sector?


  • How can I allocate empty trips in my reporting?

Tax structuring

  • What is the optimum tax structure for my logistics centre?
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