2013 Q4 – TMT Update

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Q4 2013 was characterised by a further increase in M&A activity for the TMT industry following the trend of the previous two quarters. Year-on-year M&A transactions in Europe declined by 16.1% whereas the Belgian activity accelerated by 33.3%. The involvement of private equity players decreased in Europe to 31.8% whereas Belgium represents an involvement rate of 25.0% which is remarkably lower than the first quarter (54.5%).

This Quarter's Highlights

In this edition of the TMT Update we learn that:

  • Technology remains the sector with the largest amount of transaction in the TMT industry (59.9%) whereas private equity players are involved in 35.6% of the transactions;
  • Media represents 18.0% of the M&A market whereby private equity players are participating in 10.4% of the transactions;
  • Telecommunication & Cross-sector are responsible for respectively 13.5% and 8.6% of the transactions in the TMT market whereas the involvement of private equity players increased to 25.0% in the telecom sector and to 60.9% in the cross-sector.
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The Deloitte Financial Advisory Services newsletter is a periodic compilation of certain completed and announced merger and acquisition activities. Each edition highlights industry and general economy trends, key data on deals announced in the latest quarter, and trends in transaction and market multiples. 

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