2015 Q1 Belgian CFO survey

Favourable business conditions give confidence for expansion

Reduced financial and economic uncertainty, cheap money, upwardly revised economic outlooks for the Eurozone and a new political climate drive CFOs’ positive mood in the first quarter.

CFOs remain optimistic about the financial prospects of their organisations, although growth projections for Belgium and the eurozone are weak. First quarter financials are good. Performance to budget has not been better since 2010.

The perceived levels of financial and economic risk have decreased significantly this quarter. Risk appetite is on the rise. The growth mindset is accentuated by shortage of skilled labour entering the top 5 CFO concerns.

Corporates see growth opportunities mainly outside the EU. Internationally oriented companies plan to increase capital expenditure more than companies with a local market focus.

CFOs remain positive about Belgian financial and economic policy setting, but the extreme enthusiasm reported last quarter has tempered significantly.

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