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Investment Banking Services in times of COVID-19

The environment in which industries and companies find themselves is opaque and it is likely that the situation will remain like this, after we passed the eye of the storm as well. Not only those who have been swimming naked are impacted. Structurally healthy and well managed companies may still require drastic change of course.

This is caused most often by liquidity needs which can result in the need for disposal of assets or the attraction of additional funding. Moreover, because of drying up of end markets or the anticipation of post-crisis opportunities, companies may require disposals and acquisitions can contribute in seizing opportunities. Therefore, M&A markets will continue to be important levers for executing strategic management today and tomorrow. Deloitte Corporate Finance (‘DCF’) helps anticipate and address issues and opportunities that arise, and provides clients with M&A and Debt & Capital advice that helps them pursue change through strategic transactions in times of turmoil and be ready for what comes after.

Investment banking solutions during times of high volatility

> Accelerated sale

> Target identification & buy side

> Fund raising

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