Global Location Strategy

GLS is Deloitte’s centre of excellence for site selection and foreign direct investment (FDI) services for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Highly skilled professionals deal with the challenges that both corporate decision makers and investment promotion agencies face.

Corporate services

Deloitte assists companies throughout their site selection and footprint optimisation process, from initial strategy development through to incentive/ lease negotiations and the eventual facility fit-out and operations rollout.

Development/FDI services

Deloitte supports government agencies and site developers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their FDI promotion efforts, addressing strategic and operational issues.

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Frédéric Sohet

Frédéric Sohet

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory

Frédéric Sohet is Managing Partner Financial Advisory - M&A, Restructuring and Real Estate at Deloitte Belgium. Frédéric’s experience includes Real estate valuation, consulting & strategic advice, acq... More