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The Deloitte CFO survey is the only survey of major corporate users of capital which gauges the attitudes of the CFO towards valuations, risks and financing. The survey is a valuable benchmark for CFOs in gauging the views of their peers.

Q3 2013 – New mood of confidence

CFO optimism, a key indicator, has turned positive for the first time in 18 months. Are we finally at a turning point? Business conditions are getting better. Financing conditions remain favourable. But actual performance-to-budget once again disappointed in the third quarter, and is unlikely to catch up this year. Growth prospects remain weak, and the optimistic CFO mood has not yet translated into more expansionary business priorities.

Deloitte Belgian CFO Survey, Q3 edition 2013 – A new mood

Q2 2013 – A call for action

For the fifth quarter in a row, CFO Optimism, one of the lead indicators of the Deloitte CFO survey, is coloring red. The Euro Area recession drives the mood of Belgian CFOs. CFOs continue to worry about the timing and pace of the economic recovery and the competitiveness of their businesses in today’s global economy. The environment in which businesses are operating is improving, yet CFOs are cautious in planning for growth. Cost reduction and efficiency improvements remain the dominant themes. Finance is available for those wanting to expand, but CFOs face difficulties to identify and exploit opportunities.

Deloitte Belgian CFO Survey, Q2 edition 2013 – Call for action

Q1 2013 – Concerns dominate

Against a backdrop of continued economic uncertainty, 49% of the 63 CFOs participating expect their organisation’s headcount to fall by 2014, with 11% predicting a workforce reduction of over 5%. Optimism levels have dropped, the business climate remains unpredictable and a quarter of CFOs do not expect growth to return before 2015. Defensive strategies remain the dominant theme.

Deloitte Belgian CFO Survey, Q1 edition 2013 – Concerns dominate
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