Global Business Services

Performance improvement

For more than two decades, organizations around the world have been using shared services and outsourcing to improve service delivery and reduce costs within defined parts of their businesses. Now, leading organization are taking the next step, using shared services best practices and moving to a global business services (GBS) model.

From cost center to competitive advantage

Implementing Global Business Services is challenging, given the complex mix of people, processes, technology, and multiple geographies involved. Nevertheless, the potential benefits are significant.

In order to understand more on the challenges and benefits of global business services, a compendium of thoughtware – the Deloitte GBS Reader – has been developed. The reader  consists of articles based on research, case studies, and client work and is divided into three sections that represent key principals of global business services:

  1. GBS OperationsAligning with the Bigger Picture” examines the evolution of GBS and highlights the shared services best practices that make GBS organizations successful.
  2. Next-generation GBS capabilities: Capturing the full value,” explores the latest trends and developments in this fast-changing field.
  3. GBS as a business within a business: Instilling a commercial mindset,” examines opportunities to learn from the external marketplace to operate GBS more like a commercial enterprise.
Global Business Services
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