Case studies

Set-up of European Regional Finance Center for Accounting & Control activities

Shared Services implementation in a global beverage company


  • As a result of a strategic Finance reorientation and revised company vision, the client started a journey to increase speed, improve simplicity and scale up support activities in Europe and Eurasia 
  • All accounting, compliance and regulatory reporting activities are being scaled up into one Regional Finance Center (RFC) 
  • The scope includes more than 100 legal entities in about 30 countries (in Europe and Eurasia)


Vision and Design of Target Operating Model

  • Definition of detailed role sort between Local Finance, Regional Finance Center and Corporate (Target Operating Model) 
  • Creation of detailed business cases to assess scenarios 
  • Implementation plan, taking into account interdependencies with other finance transformation initiatives


Detailed design of Regional Finance Center

  • Design of to-be processes (in ARIS), based on harmonizing as-is processes of different local organizations, best practices and operational excellence 
  • Design of new organizational structure, including governance and job descriptions 
  • Detailed migration plan , including  IT, location and recruitment 
  • Design of KPI and SLA framework to evaluate performance 


Build and implementing the Regional Finance center in 4 waves 

  • Review of local activities per wave in order to perform fit-gap analysis, and harmonize to standard processes 
  • Update of desktop procedures with remaining country specifics 
  • Guide outsourcing of statutory accounting activities 
  • Preparation and guidance of detailed work shadowing 
  • Training of new processes to new employees of RFC 
  • Co-ordination of planning & migration activities for each wave


  • Leaner finance organization, able to adapt faster to changes 
  • Improved finance processes at lower cost 
  • Finance acting as stronger business partner 
  • Finance planning focused on material drivers 
  • Standard reporting, focusing on “one version of the truth”
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