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In the face of a merger or acquisition, will the finance organization move to a joint function or will it divest functions? We have deep experience with both and work with you to choose the desired path for your organization to keep risk and costs in check.

2016 Financial Services M&A Predictions - Rising to the challenge

This year’s Financial Services M&A Predictions report explores the key drivers of M&A activity going forward, specifically, market disruption and technology; consolidation and growth; and regulatory change. Looking at recent M&A activity, the report predicts how these trends will impact M&A across the Banking, Insurance and Investment Management sectors in 2016.

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Key Contacts

Eric Callewaert

Eric Callewaert

Managing Partner Clients & Industries

Eric Callewaert has over 18 years of experience providing consulting services to organisations. Focusing on strategy and operations, Eric has managed multiple large transformation projects for clients... More

Rolf Driesen

Rolf Driesen

Managing Partner | Consulting

Rolf is the Consulting Managing Partner with more than 15 years of consulting experience on the organisational and people dimension of business transformations. He led multiple transformation projects... More