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The acquisition of a company in a carve-out scenario presents a set of execution risks that is very different from buying a stand-alone company. Deloitte offers carve-out capabilities on the functions and activities shared between the parent company and the carved-out company in order to better understand the business requirements, ongoing costs and one-time setup costs for the stand-alone company.

Synergy analysis

We assist our clients in analysing the full scope of business operations from supply chain and logistics through to manufacturing and commercial activities. We review management structures and controls and provide an assessment of operational effectiveness and benchmark the cost base of a business with similar businesses worldwide. From our thorough fact-based analysis, we identify and quantify potential EBITDA adjustments, working capital risks & opportunities, and the basis of a blueprint for future integration. Working with management, we identify and quantify opportunities for operational improvement and develop action plans to deliver synergies in line with these opportunities. The integrated operational and financial due diligence team works seamlessly to construct a holistic view of the transaction opportunity.

PMI (first 100 days)

We assist our clients with their post merger integration, ensuring realisation of benefits identified during the due diligence phase. Our wellproven, flexible and pragmatic approach is based on three pillars. First, ‘clarity of purpose’, which includes understanding the rationale of the deal and reviewing, quantifying and phasing all synergies. Next, ‘control’ provides the required tracking tools and installs a programme management structure. Finally, ‘managing people’ ensures a smooth transition towards the new desired state. A clear blueprint capturing these three pillows is a prerequesite for a successful integration.

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Geert Stienen

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