Planning in the cloud with Anaplan platform

A new and disruptive, cloud-based solution, allowing you to build and maintain your own flexible and user-friendly planning, budgeting and forecasting models

The Anaplan solution

Anaplan is an innovative challenger in the market for Corporate Performance Management solutions, offering a cloud-based business modeling and planning platform as an alternative to the on-premise solutions of ERP and BI vendors.

Through strategic alliances and relationships with other cloud-based vendors such as and Workday, Anaplan aims at offering a complete cloud-based platform, not only purely for financial purposes, but also strongly integrated with those SalesForce or Workday solutions to leverage as much as possible the data and information already available.

The Anaplan solution offers powerful planning, modeling and simulation functionality and is built on top of an in-memory, 64-bit, multi-core platform, delivered through a ‘Software as a Service’ (cloud) model. Anaplan has already found its way to many large and smaller enterprises, including companies such as McAfee, HP, Kimberly-Clarke and Aviva.

The flexibility and scalability of the Anaplan platform means it can serve as a basis for financial, commercial as well as operational planning models. Furthermore, these models can easily be linked and work in seamless integration with one another.

Models can either be built from scratch, or extended and customized based on pre-delivered models – with models existing for topics such as

  • Traditional P&L,
  • Balance Sheet & Cash Flow planning,
  • Financial Consolidation,
  • Premium Modeling and Claims Analysis for insurance,
  • Sales Forecasting, Territory Planning,
  • Quota Management,
  • Pricing & Commission Calculation,
  • and many others.

These selection of models is constantly being extended (also by Deloitte). An Anaplan ‘model/app store’ will further accelerate availability.

Deloitte and Anaplan

Deloitte and Anaplan have a track record of delivering success together.

An alliance is in place (see press release) to jointly serve customers, thereby enabling you to put in place optimal Anaplan solutions, which use real-time, accurate data to help you drive strategic decision making and facilitate collaborative planning across functions.

The Deloitte and Anaplan success story so far includes projects for some of the largest technology, insurance and FMCG companies in the world. Deloitte has over 100 Anaplan certified consultants worldwide, and is the headline Platinum sponsor of the worldwide Anaplan Hub 2014 tour.


In delivering Anaplan solutions, Deloitte builds on its unique expertise as a leader in consulting services for finance, sales and operations. Deloitte is also a leading implementation partner, and can help companies reap the benefits of integrating these two cutting-edge cloud solutions (note: is an investor in Anaplan).

As part of an Anaplan project, Deloitte can help with the optimization of planning models and processes, as well as either a hands-on or guided end-to-end implementation of a complete Anaplan-based solution. We tailor the platform to your needs, leveraging and customizing existing models where applicable.

Our approach for Anaplan projects is both agile and modular. Specifically, this means we develop solutions together with you in short, ‘what you see is what you get’ cycles or sprints, each lasting a few weeks. We start off with a limited set of models, and then help you gradually extend across functions and domains so that you can reap the benefits of a truly integrated planning platform. This allows you to grow your solution at the pace and rhythm you feel most comfortable with.

At Deloitte, we have experience in creating Anaplan models in most traditional planning and simulation areas. Examples include:

  • Strategic simulations, including high-level financial planning
  • Financial budgeting & forecasting models
  • Sales & operations planning
  •  Territory & quota management
  •  Commission planning and management
  • Workforce planning and simulation

Always up-to-date, real-time executive dashboards allowing what-if questions

Client Benefits

Anaplan will allow you to create and maintain your own models without the need for heavy IT involvement or large investments in training.

It is a flexible, yet intuitive and user-friendly platform which will allow you to keep in control of your planning models, and can be tailored to your own needs and business requirements.

Each model within the Anaplan platform is built to serve four key objectives:

  • Powerful – Turn the complexity of your business operations into powerful, easy-to-use models;
  • Immediate – Update plans on the fly for changing business dynamics;
  • Connected – Collaborate and execute on plans across your company;
  • Trusted – Have total confidence in the accuracy of your data, reports, forecasts and plans.

For more information, see

Deloitte Anaplan Brochure

Achieving the highest levels of sales excellence demands a new approach...

...a combination of advanced analytics, organizational engagement, strategic thinking, and operational discipline.

Anaplan is the fastest-growing provider of business modeling and planning for sales, operations, and finance. Its cloud-based platform combines a breakthrough big data engine, the Hyperblock, with a highly intuitive modeling interface that lets business users turn operational complexity into powerful, easy-to-use models.

Deloitte Anaplan Technology Point of View

The Sales Planning Imperative

Stop being help hostage by uncertainly, surprise & doubts...

Undertaking successful Sales Execution Planning & Management requires insights, capabilities, and collaboration tools. An inconsistent mix of these aspects can lead to uncertainty, surprises, and missed targets — all costly mistakes.