Reporting & Balanced scorecard

Translate your strategy into metrics

With the Management Reporting and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) offering, Deloitte provides a framework for translating your company’s business strategy into specific, actionable metrics serving different audiences (executive reporting and managerial reporting).

Our solutions

As such, Deloitte can help define your organization-wide reporting strategy that will in the end help your business owners and managers improve strategic and day-to-day decision-making through more relevant & accurate information that is available sooner.

With the BSC framework, you can add reporting on customer, internal processess and growth & innovation to complement financial reporting.

Darling, we need to talk! Communication by management reporting


  • Reporting objectives: organize open discussions with your key
    business owners for executive reporting and managerial reporting
    to define reporting objectives based on business strategy and
    define resulting high-level reporting strategy, reporting
    requirements and reporting audiences.
  • Reporting content: identify the relevant reporting dimensions
    and reporting metrics needed to effectively steer, forecast and
    monitor the financial performance of your business. If needed,
    conduct deep-dive analyses such as business driver modeling,
    activity-based costing and margin analysis to isolate your key business drivers.
  • Reporting delivery: define and implement the reporting process and reporting tools required to deliver on your reporting strategy. Set up reporting governance to ensure  effective management of management reporting in your company going forward.

Client benefits

  • More effective business decision-making by providing accurate & relevant information to all business functions in your company involved (both financial and non-financial).
  • Improved link between your business strategy and management reporting (be it executive reporting or managerial reporting) through the definition of an enterprise-wide, function-wide and region-wide reporting strategy,
  • Improved decision-making, forward-looking and overall business steering through a better understanding of your business’ key reporting requirements and definition of a common set of standard management reports.
  • Increased information accuracy, timeliness and transparency through the set-up of an integrated reporting platform.
  • Improved control over management reporting through the set-up of a common, organization-wide reporting governance in your company.