Restructuring services

The Restructuring service line brings creative solutions to companies at the crossroads between growth potential and challenges that could severely impact them, either external (change in market structure, regulation, etc.) or internal (unsuitable balance sheet structure, change of ownership, etc.). These conditions put companies and their stakeholders under stress.

Our restructuring teams rapidly identify root causes, threats and strategic opportunities. We help boards select the right focus on significant value creation and achieve appropriate stability in operations and financing. In close collaboration with the client, our implementation teams work across service lines, making sure the company’s transformation towards profitable and sustainable growth is achieved quickly.

Cash management

Deloitte helps clients improve cash visibility and instill a cash conservation culture within their organisation. We identify and implement “quick wins” to help the client gain an immediate injection of cash funds and build some momentum. To improve forecasting and reporting, we design and implement cash management tools.

Financial performance review & independent business review

We conduct a review of the company’s financial performance to diagnose and gain a complete understanding of the root causes of their underperformance. We provide the stakeholder with a sound and independent base from which they can move forward. We also advise our clients on how they can take action to improve their profitability and cash flow.

Strategic review

At the request of a company or its stakeholders, we conduct a deep review of the company’s strategic, operational and/or financial performance, as well as its prospects and value potential.

Root causes of underperformance are swiftly identified. Based on our advice, appropriate actions, resources and implementation plans are decided in close collaboration with the company and its stakeholders.

Corporate performance improvement and turnaround

Through a performance improvement programme – often during or following a strategic review – Deloitte helps stressed yet stable companies fix gaps in their corporate performance, or in well defined areas such as SG&A or make-or-buy.

In case of a performance issue with a significant imminent impact on the business, the company needs to be rapidly and fully reset in order to close performance gaps versus competition. These gaps might include a continuous decrease in revenues,
or an unacceptable imbalance between equity and liabilities. We address this situation with a turnaround programme.

If a company faces a highly unstable and timecritical situation with rapidly deteriorating performance (e.g. severe change in Industry structure, failing liquidity, etc.), the company needs to be rescued by bringing stability rapidly. This will be followed by radical decisions on the health of the company’s future core activities, its business and operating model, its financing structure and its ownership. This distressed situation is solved through a restructuring programme.

Debt Advisory

Deloitte assists corporate clients and project sponsors with optimising their financing structure and raising, negotiating or restructuring banking or capital markets debt financing. Whether the client is in a distressed situation or is seeking to optimise its financing strategy as a going concern, we provide end-to-end assistance from debt capacity assessment to financial close. We deliver added value to our clients by providing them with independent advice aimed solely at structuring and implementing the most competitive financing that best suits their needs.

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Geert Stienen

Geert Stienen

National Leader Turnaround & Restructuring

Geert is a Partner in the Belgian Monitor Deloitte Consulting practice. He has over 20 years of international experience in turnarounds and transformations both as a corporate executive and a manageme... More