Valuation & Business Modelling


Playing a central role in M&A, valuations are also needed for many other purposes. These include tax (estimating arm’s length values for group subsidiaries and intangible assets), disputes (estimating damages due to breach of contract) and financial reporting (impairment reviews, valuing intangibles capitalised in an acquisition). The valuation team consists of professionals from the fields of finance, accounting, real estate and tax law working with sector specialists worldwide.

Business plan & modelling

Business modelling is a tool with a wide range of applications: M&A, forecasting & budgeting, business restructuring, post-merger integration, etc. Performed incorrectly, the financial modelling of a transaction is time-consuming and can contain costly errors. Deloitte provides high-quality modelling that spans all phases of the transaction process: pre-transaction high-level business planning, operational and financial modelling & review, and developing analytical and forecasting tools to improve post-transaction performance

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Cedric Popa

Cedric Popa

Partner, Financial Advisory

Cedric leads the Valuations and Business Modelling service line in Belgium since 2008, having previously worked in valuations in London for 7 years (with Deloitte and BDO) and before that in Romania. ... More