Global CFO Signals

Global CFO Signals provides highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms. It includes opinions on a range of areas including the economic outlook, financial markets business trends, their organizations and CFO careers.


2011 Q4 Global CFO Signals

Thanks to continuing sovereign debt troubles in the Euro zone, social upheaval in the Middle East, dwindling global demand, and global concerns over economic uncertainty, CFO optimism remained at low levels almost worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2011.


2012 Q4 Global CFO Signals

To say that 2012 was a difficult year for CFOs around the globe is an understatement. Q4 may mark a turning point. But, will 2013 be the year CFOs finally signal strong optimism about their companies’– and their countries’– prospects?


2012 Q3 Global CFO Signals

One of the major uncertainties facing CFOs globally – the outcome of the presidential election in the United States – may have been resolved. But that was not the case when CFOs were filling out their third-quarter CFO surveys.


2011 Q3 Global CFO Signals

The sovereign-debt crisis in the Eurozone weighed heavily on many CFOs in the third quarter of 2011. Fiscal uncertainty was enough to sink CFO optimism, which in some countries was at its lowest levels throughout survey cycles.