Digital Banking Maturity 2020

Belgium ranks third in digital banking services

Deloitte’s 2020 Digital Banking Maturity identifies champions and leading practices worldwide in digital banking, covering 39 countries and 318 banks.

While Belgium ranks third in digital services, the study reveals that Belgian banks must close the gap in terms of mobile functionalities to meet the needs and expectation of their customers.

With four out of the seven Belgian banks assessed performing as smart followers or digital champions based on functionalities, customer needs, and user experience, Belgium ranks third in digital services. However, Belgian banks are still heavily relying on internet banking to differentiate themselves despite the fact that customers are becoming more and more mobile.

Two major banks are the overall best performers, both being digital champions and ranking in the top 20 banks worldwide. The gap between our them and other banks has increased over the past years and is expected to become even wider in the future.

While Belgian banks acted quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemix and have made some positive progress, to better respond to customer demand in unusual times, they must all invest in and drastically accelerate their end-to-end digital transformation and focus on self-service capabilities.

To learn more about the digital maturity of Belgian banks, we invite you to read the study.

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