Post-digital innovation

What is really happening at retail banks and insurers in Belgium?

In collaboration with Belgian sector federations Febelfin and Assuralia, Deloitte and Vlerick Business School conducted an in depth review of the nature and impact of post-digital innovation.

The companies that have participated in this report cover about 85% of the Belgian insurance and banking market in terms of banking assets and insurance premiums paid annually.


The results we present in this report are very representative of the Belgian financial services market and are organised around the following seven themes:

1.   The pie shrunk, not the slice

2.   Post-digital frontrunners perform better

3.   Mobile drives digital innovation

4.   Focus on the prize, not the hurdles

5.   Harnessing the power of combinations

6.   The value-oriented CIO premium

7.   Warning: The risk of misjudging relative progress


This report primarily looks at post-digital innovation from the CIO’s point of view but also displays the perspectives of several other business leaders on post-digital.

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