Reputation @ risk

Deloitte 2014 Global Survey

Reputation risk is at the top of the executive agenda, according to a recent Deloitte global survey. 90% of executives within the financial services industry rate reputation risk as “more important” or “much more important” than other strategic risks their company is facing. But it appears they have considerable room for improvement: Only 23% give themselves an “A” grade for their capabilities at managing reputation risk.


Ultimately, how a company manages the expectations and performance related to its reputation determines whether value is created or destroyed. And it only becomes more important to manage this priceless asset in a highly connected world, where customers, operations and supply chains are scattered.

Deloitte's new survey report examines how companies view and manage reputational threats and opportunities, featuring in-depth, insightful interviews with executives from leading global companies.

Explore survey data specific to your organisation via our interactive Reputation@Risk survey tool

Survey report
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