Talent in Banking Survey 2014

Belgium in Focus

The results of this second Deloitte Talent in Banking Survey dispel a few preconceptions about what students want out of a career in banking. For example, money doesn't matter to students considering a career in banking as much as training and development. In addition, banking inclined students increasingly expect their first job to last five years or more and they also say they want stability in their careers.
Banking may be a global industry, but there are clear regional differences when it comes to career aspirations. A big challenge for banks in Belgium is how to compete successfully for talent against the companies that have set up European headquarters in the country. To attract talent banks should do better at exploiting their strengths, which they currently underplay. 

'The Deloitte Talent in Banking Survey 2014: Belgium in focus' explores some of the issues faced by banks in greater detail.

Talent in Baking - Belgian Report

Download the global report here:

'Graduate recruitment in banking: facing the credibility crunch'

Talent in Banking - Global Report
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