Talent in Insurance Survey 2014

Belgium in Focus

By international standards, Belgium's insurance sector is relatively popular amongst business students. Insurers receive 2% of Belgian business students' votes for their top 5 "ideal employers", ranking Belgium 5th out of 17 EMEA markets surveyed for the popularity of insurance.

Across the globe, insurance is the 18th most popular industry sector out of 30 for business students. They also suggest that the industry may not be attracting talent with the creative or innovative mindset to safeguard its future success.

To attract talent, insurers should do better at exploiting their strengths, which they currently underplay. Understanding the mindset of business students and their attitudes to insurance is a first step.

'The Deloitte Talent in Insurance Survey 2014: Belgium in focus' explores these issues.

Talent in Insurance - Belgian Report

Download the global report here:

'Recruiting beyond the risk averse: modernising graduates' perception of insurance'

Talent in Insurance - Global Report
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