The people side of Risk Intelligence

Aligning talent and risk management

Almost all companies today maintain a dedicated team of professionals to manage talent, and many also employ at least a few full-time professionals to manage risk. But few organizations systematically encourage their talent and risk managers to work together collaboratively to pursue broader goals, specifically enhancing enterprise value.

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Effective risk ownership depends on everyone understanding what their risk-related responsibilities are, knowing how to carry them out, and having recourse to appropriate guidance if and when the “standard” risk management processes break down.

Talent and risk are intimately connected and together can profoundly influence an organization’s ability to create and protect enterprise value. No Risk Intelligence program is complete until leaders understand and address the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of the two domains. This whitepaper explores ways to build a multifaceted consideration of talent into the organization’s overall enterprise risk management program.

The people side of Risk Intelligence: Aligning talent and risk management
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