Digital HR to drive employee engagement

The new digital world of work, mobile and other technologies, are rapidly challenging HR leaders...

Organisations are facing a radically shifting context. HR leaders need to revolutionise the employee experience and deliver HR services through digital platforms, apps and robotics.

In the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report that was launched in March, digital organisations and digital HR are central. HR leaders are being pushed to help drive the organisation to “be digital” not just “do digital”.

There is a lot of buzz about digital HR in the market and HR leaders are increasingly asking us how they can act upon this trend and what this would entail for their organisation.

How is Digital HR perceived in Belgium?

To gain insights into this growing trend a team of consultants from Deloitte’s HR Transformation and HR Analytics departments developed a survey that was sent out to HR and non-HR executives and employees in small (<50 employees) and large (>1000) organisations. The survey examined the understanding, relevance and perception of Digital HR.

Analysis of the feedback from the 451 respondents from different industries, led to these insightful conclusions:

  • The majority of large organisations see HR leading the digitalisation of the organisation
  • More than half of the organisations indicate they have no vision or definition of Digital HR
  • Organisations indicate that they are using social technologies, mobile devices, analytics and cloud platforms but have no digital strategy
  • There is a clear ambition to have digital as a strategic priority for HR
  • Large organisations are more likely to implement and allocate budget for a Digital HR strategy, whereas smaller organisations are less likely to allocate budget for a digital HR strategy
  • Few organisations see technical problems as the main concern of Digital HR, but rather have non-technology concerns such as loss of human contact, change management and implementation
  • We see a gap in the expectations of implementing a Digital HR strategy: HR and executives indicate 1-1.5 years for implementation but employees only 8 months
  • There is strong belief that Digital HR is necessary to achieve high employee engagement
  • HR is seeking out specific Digital HR initiatives and the associated external capabilities
  • Digital HR is on the agenda, especially in large organisations

These insights indicate that HR has a role to play in driving digital throughout the organisation, yet it first needs to reach an agreement on the vision and definition of Digital HR.

Digital HR Survey

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