People Analytics

Focus Areas & Offering

Three focus areas are at the core of our People Analytics offering

1. People Analytics Capability Building

We help organizations building a data-driven HR function by designing People Analytics business cases, roadmaps, People Analytics operating models and training programs.

  • Development of People Analytics business case, roadmap & use case prioritization
  • Design and implementation of People Analytics operating model
  • Design, development and delivery of People Analytics Training programs
  • Advisory/support in the datafication of functional HR domains (onboarding, recruitment)

Tools & Accelerators:
      People Analytics job descriptions and competency frameworks
      People Analytics training modules
      Methodologies to manage People Analytics projects
      People Analytics operating model blueprints
      Trained and Experienced facilitators
      Example People Analytics Use Cases

2. Predictive People Analytics

We help organizations in generating robust & actionable insights on their people by setting-up & executing advanced analytics POC’s and converting them into productized solutions.

  • Advanced People Analytics techniques (Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Text mining & Sentiment analyses, ONA …)
  • Analytics to augment daily operations (job-fit-, retention-, & absenteeism analytics, high-potential identification)
  • Development of People Analytics POC’s and conversion into productized solutions

Tools & Accelerators:

      Experienced team of data scientists in People Analytics
      Risk & Job-fit modelling frameworks based on analytics & business expertise in People Analytics
      Productized Solutions as a managed service: Deloitte Retention & Job-fit Solutions

3. Data-driven Transformation & Continuous Listening

We help organizations in getting a more robust, holistic and timely  understanding of their workforce experience, perceptions & behaviors to steer & drive strategic change.

  • Support in making the switch from annual engagement survey to continuous listening & pulse checks
  • Support in measuring the people side & impact of business transformations
  • Support in datafying & measuring employee experience across journeys
  • Research & design of customized listening strategies, products & methodology (e.g., sampling)
  • Survey & pulse check deployment, analytics & reporting
  • Continuous Listening governance & operating models

Tools & Accelerators:

Survey library based on latest research
Evidence-based action menus
Team of experts in psychometrics, sampling & survey design
Highly-secured enterprise data collection and feedback tool
Fully bespoke dashboard development

We have extensive experience in a variety of talent-related topics: 
Employee experience Retention Job fit Culture & Leadership
New Ways of Working Innovation Diversity & Inclusion Employer Branding
Customer-Centricity Agility & Flexibility Digital Fluency Change Readiness & Adoption
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