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UCB uses the intuitive platform worldwide to drive exceptional performance

Research & Sensing is a central source for understanding and solving complex HR issues, linking to expert advisers, analytical tools and research, and staying connected to a global HR community. In this article, UCB shares how the intuitive platform together with the attached member advisory, helps its users around the world drive exceptional performance.

Linda Zaccaria
Culture & Organisation Development Lead at UCB

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium focused on creating value for people living with severe immunological and neurological disorders. We spoke with Linda Zaccaria, Culture & Organisation Development Lead at UCB, to learn why they chose to become members of Research & Sensing.

Why did you choose a Research & Sensing membership?

UCB became a member of Research & Sensing in 2017 to stay ahead of trends and evolutions, bring an outside-in perspective, and be inspired with insights, latest thinking and best practices on how to move forward.

The platform offers us 24x7 online access to critical insights that help us drive exceptional business performance and improve the practices of HR and Talent. We now have access to lots of information, in a budget- and user-friendly manner

Research & Sensing provides us input for our internal project business cases, and helps us to develop projects from ideation to execution, and assess success afterwards. It has proven to be a great added value in determining the way forward addressing HR challenges and realising business impact e.g. with the development of UCB’s competency frameworks, our learning needs analysis and the development of leadership programs. 

Who are the different users of R&S at UCB and how are they using it?

We now have more than 100 active HR and business users and this number keeps on growing over the years. The platform is the go-to resource for every HR challenge the users want to address, and new HR initiatives we want to introduce within the company. It provides them with a toolbox to move forward on important themes and challenges, to build a training portfolio for instance. To develop their training portfolio at global level, UCB used the training analysis framework that provided valuable information on their stakeholder needs and enabled them to tailor the training portfolio in the main regions UCB operates in.

In addition, we have a good relationship with our Research & Sensing point of contact who supports and guides UCB with the use of the digital destination and the available resources. It’s also great that domain experts are consulted for in-depth questions or deep-dives on certain themes.

Also important to mention is the community of practice, where not only high-performing practices from other organizations are being shared, but R&S also provides a mix of several formats where members can get together to exchange. A formula that proves to be very useful, certainly in the challenging times HR is in today.

Why would you recommend a membership to other companies?

I would recommend a Research & Sensing membership to organisations that want to innovate and evolve. The membership provides organisations the expertise needed to transform, rethink, and get up to speed. It enables them to review current practices, or start from a clean sheet and implement new practices to become more leading edge.

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