Superknowledge at your fingertips

In today’s workplace, there’s more knowledge and information available than ever before. It lives everywhere, it is scattered across teams, departments, and individual apps. A considerable amount hardly ever gets used because it’s only valuable if it’s available at task level in the flow of work of the people that need it.

Rapidly evolving technology, shorter product lifecycles, a higher rate of new product development and the complexity of innovation are significantly increasing the amount of data and knowledge available in organizations.

Identifying business critical content and understanding the context of the events or situations in which it is used, is imperative to delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Metadata tagging will be key in content management systems, and this is one of the areas where AI can assist.

Corporate virtual assistants are collecting detailed information about employees, including job titles, locations, departments, coworkers, and potentially all of the documents, emails, and other correspondences they author. They are monitoring the pages that employees visit, the papers they write, the videos they watch, and the support tickets they submit. Thanks to AI, this process self‑improves continuously, automatically learning how various resources are relevant to each person and ranking those resources accordingly.

We’re getting Superknowledge at our fingertips.

Superknowledge at your fingertips
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