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In today’s business environment, learning is an essential tool for engaging employees, attracting and retaining top talent, and developing long-term leadership for the company. This requires two specific factors to work on: (1) having an enterprise learning strategy properly aligned with the business strategy, and (2) operationalizing learning through high-impact program design and development.

The big change of the last years is a shift towards dynamic, self-directed, continuous learning opportunities. Through state-of-the-art learning design and development, you’ll be able to move into the world of consumer-centric learning where employees are in charge, not L&D departments.

At Deloitte we help our clients to create business value by:

  • Aligning learning initiatives with overall talent strategies including competencies, performance management, deployment, and recruiting
  • Developing leading edge, external-oriented learning programs, including easy-to-use portals and video sharing systems, and promoting collaboration at work
  • Designing learning solutions to deliver modern, compelling and personalized learning experiences for employees
  • Offering our expertise in matching content and learning delivery methods, and leveraging our capabilities in instructional design, e-learning courseware development, video production, gamification, learning app development, knowledge assessments, etc.

Did you know that

  • Companies with strong and agile learning cultures are nearly 60% more likely to be first to market and nearly 20% more likely to be the market share leader.
  • Recent research states that L&D professionals should be more like product managers working for customers who have unfulfilled needs, rather than simply designers of courses that employees are required to complete.
  • Deloitte delivers on the full spectrum of the (digital) learning value chain, providing clients with comprehensive, customized services that improve the impact of learning in their organizations.
  • Deloitte is a digital learning provider with extensive experience in designing and developing programs in onboarding, product or compliance-driven topics, systems and IT training, professional education programs, professional skills development, management and leadership training and performance support solutions.

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Further Contacts

Nouri Zouaghi

Nouri Zouaghi

Director | Learning Strategy & Design lead

Nouri joined Deloitte in 2014, after his company Vision was acquired by Deloitte Consulting Belgium. Vision by Deloitte is now a service line of Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice and marks ... More

Jeroen Van Eeghem

Jeroen Van Eeghem

Senior Manager | Learning Development lead

Jeroen brings over 15 years of experience in learning to the team he works with and the clients he serves. He leads the Learning Content Development team. Jeroen has a background as operations manager... More