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Efficiency, effectiveness and alignment: three pillars of a high performing business-aligned L&D organization

Learning Strategy and Operations @Deloitte

In today’s highly competitive global economy and intensely competitive talent market, the C-suite clearly understands that companies that do not constantly upgrade skills and rapidly build leaders will not be able to execute their business plans. We work with organizations all along the continuum of learning strategy and operations development and refinement, whether they are looking to completely transform their learning practices or evolve them to more effectively support their business.

The focus of learning strategy and operations is to ensure that the learning function is aligned with the organization’s current and future goals, and is prepared to meet business needs by addressing critical talent and performance challenges.

At Deloitte we help our clients to create business value by:

  • Assessing the current learning strategy, operating model, and governance structure to identify strengths and areas of need
  • Defining the vision, mission and learning transformation roadmap towards becoming a High Impact Learning Organization
  • Setting up the right operating model, shared processes, technologies and vendor pool for learning in your organization
  • Advising on learning strategy elements such as the funding model and costing, learning architecture strategy, learning measurement and evaluation strategy and enabling learning technology
  • Conducting analysis, planning and other due diligence activities of the learning function

Did you know that...

  • Learning continues to be very important to HR and business executives worldwide as they strive to adapt to the disruptive change that is sweeping through corporate learning and development organizations.
  • A new world of consumer-centric learning puts employees, not L&D departments, in charge. High-performing companies are seizing this opportunity to promote a new culture of learning, upending traditional models and transforming how employees learn.
  • 62% of organizations don’t know exactly how much they are spending on learning. And the annual L&D spend is typically 1.5x - 3x greater than the amount visible to the learning function.
  • This new world of digital HR is arriving fast, and L&D is a natural first-mover to leverage digital to the benefit of the employee.

Key Contacts

Nouri Zouaghi

Nouri Zouaghi

Director | Learning Strategy & Design lead

Nouri joined Deloitte in 2014, after his company Vision was acquired by Deloitte Consulting Belgium. Vision by Deloitte is now a service line of Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice and marks ... More

Frederiek Van Tornout

Frederiek Van Tornout

Partner, Consulting

Frederiek joined in 2014 after his company Vision was acquired by Deloitte. He leads the Workforce Transformation offering and the EMEA Centre of Excellence for Digital Enabled Learning. Frederiek has... More