Actuarial and Advanced Analytics

Actuarial & Advanced Analytics (AAA) service line specializes in providing services that enhance our client’s management of risk and allows them to make informed business decisions. We work with many of the world’s leading financial services providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, Retirement services, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers. AAA uses advanced statistical techniques to analyze large quantities of internal and external information to unlock previously unknown, but meaningful, business relationships allowing clients to significantly improve profitability. Engagements are from all industries and include insurance underwriting and claims, price optimization, and safety analytics.

  • Advanced Analytics and Modeling        
  • Health Actuarial
  • Property and Causality Actuarial
  • Risk, Insurance, and Claims Advisory
  • Life Actuarial    
  • Retirement Providers


Our Actuarial & Advanced Analytics services: 


Featured eminence

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Analytics + Action: The Critical Difference in Claims

Claims are the single largest spend for a property & casualty insurance company. Typically, up to 80 percent of each earned premium dollar is “claimed by claims” as pay-out and related expenses. Insurers who can equitably settle claims while reducing claims costs by just one percentage point will save significant expenditures.

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Human capital analytics: Thinking like an economist

How to use advance analytics to manage talent and risk

Given the importance of talent and people, it’s time to move beyond instinct, gut and tribal wisdom in making workforce decisions. If you’re not using workforce data and analytics to drive your talent decisions, you may be behind the curve — and at risk of losing your competitive edge.