Workforce Performance Management

Using workforce data to make an impact

Did you know that in most companies, 40 to 70 percent of the operating expenses are directly related to workforce expenses? Is this also the case for your company? Do you know how to optimize your resources in order to have a positive corporate impact or change? In case you don’t have the answers to these questions, HR analytics can provide them for you.

From workforce data to corporate insights

As new types of HR leaders with different backgrounds are stepping into the spotlight, we see that they reform the HR decision making process into a more objectified data driven decision making process. Thanks to the tremendous efforts that they have put into the workforce data collection process, they can nowadays address strategic human capital challenges based on consistent analytical insights. 

The key lies in the translation of the substantial volume of workforce data into meaningful insights. Within our projects, we achieved this translation by building HR data warehouses that allow subject matter experts to interpret the large volumes of data in an understandable language.

The result of our projects was the enablement of our clients to make strategic human capital decision such as lowering the overall turnover, optimizing the challenging process of workforce planning, measuring the corporate impact of specific HR actions, narrowing the gap between the available resources and required resources,… 

Create an impact on the entire organization

But Deloitte goes even further, in our performance management projects, we intend to empower our HR clients to become a strategic player at the C-level table. 

We have proven that an integration of the non-confidential workforce data with the available data of other departments or with external data allows for corporate wide strategic decisions driven by HR professionals. The result is an HR department that does not just supports the business strategy but that actually enables it. 

So let’s use your workforce data wisely and create an impact on your entire organization.