Research and Sensing: Insights and Services for HR

Deloitte can help you respond, recover and thrive in these uncertain times.

Sense, predict, and understand macro workforce trends and develop insights including data, behaviors, and mindset to take action and drive organizational performance.

Human Capital as a Service

Today’s workplaces are constantly being tested by technological and market disruptions. For the Human Resources professional, driving organizational performance is a daily challenge. You need access to the right digital tools and insights to inform the decisions that will advance the capabilities of your workforce.

Deloitte’s Human Capital Platform provides these solutions, empowering HR leaders to gain continuous insights into their organization and workforce, and leverage those insights to optimize performance. It’s a comprehensive set of ongoing services and tools that enable clients to anticipate problems, fill hard-to-source gaps in capabilities, and integrate and streamline technologies.

The Human Capital Platform is built on three pillars: Insights into what’s happening in the market,  Solutions based on our global research and experience, and  Access  to Specialists to complement and augment your internal capabilities. Together they will empower your team to leverage leading-edge strategies and create an organization of the future.

Research & Sensing

For research-based insights and innovative thinking, Research & Sensing is an indispensable digital destination for HR professionals to build capability and community and stay informed on real-world challenges facing human capital leaders. It’s a central source for understanding and solving complex HR issues, linking to expert advisers, analytical tools, and research, and staying connected to a global HR community.

By helping you sense the trends that are impacting your business, we help you know, not guess. This knowledge enables you to lead from a position of confidence, extend the capability of your HR organization, and sustain organizational performance.

4 key pillars

  • Workforce Sensing: Crowdsourced insights to stay ahead of Trends and Disruptions
  • Research: Industry studies, Research reports, Case studies
  • Diagnostics: Rapid and Online Assessments, Maturity Models and Interactive Factbooks (Benchmarks)
  • Advisory: Talk to Member Advisors to further understand the Research

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Research & Sensing is part of a bigger platform, watch the video below to learn more

Overview of the new Research Roadmap

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Yves Van Durme

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Nathalie Vandaele

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