Learning experience studio

We provide blended learning journeys by combining creative and innovative learning assets, such as new media (AR, VR), (animated) videos, software simulations and interactive e-learning modules which are tailored to your organizational and talent needs.

With a vast experience in graphical design and user experience our learning professionals develop interactive and engaging learning assets in various formats. Deloitte’s didactical experts leverage their storytelling skills to transform the learning content into a compelling learning experience, with increased retention of knowledge and hands-on application of gained skills. Technical experts apply their knowledge of digital learning solutions and online authoring tools to develop eLearning, videos, VR/AR immersive learning, gamified and scenario-based modules.

Where we stand out
  • Our global delivery network with specialists spread around the globe enable a swift delivery of projects at multiple speeds.
  • Multilingual solutions will support organisations with a diverse workforce, ensuring a high learning impact.Wide variety of formats and technologies with deep expertise
  • Wide variety of formats and technologies will make your organisational learning not only informative and effective but also exciting and hands-on. We develop videos of various kinds (animated, whiteboard, simulations, and with actors), AR and VR modules, eLearning modules, interactive documents, and many more. 
  • Deloitte’s network of experts in all topical domains will support the highest quality of content.

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Jeroen Van Eeghem

Jeroen Van Eeghem

Senior Director | Learning Development lead | Human Capital | Consulting

Jeroen is a Senior Director at the Workforce Transformation in Belgium. He brings over 20 years of experience in corporate learning to the teams he works with and the clients he serves. Jeroen has a b... More