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Growing Belgium’s cooperative bank through an ambitious transformation strategy

With a new CEO at the helm, Crelan was ready for a transformation. Belgium’s leading agricultural bank wanted to leverage its network of more than 600 agencies in Belgium to prepare the company for the future and lay out a strategy for ambitious growth. That’s when they turned to Deloitte for consulting and advisory services.

Under the leadership of CEO Philippe Voisin, Crelan worked with Monitor Deloitte to outline a strategy around four objectives: reaffirm Crelan’s identity and values, be ambitious and competitive, secure the company’s long-term development and deliver profitable results over several years.

Rapid developments in technology, regulations and society made Crelan ask some important questions: What is our relevance? How do we differentiate ourselves? Why does someone choose to bank with Crelan versus another bank? Why does a client come to the bank in the first place? Together with Deloitte, Crelan is finding answers to these questions and launching its plan to create opportunity from disruptive shifts.


After a long and positive relationship with our audit partners, we started to work with Crelan last year on their transformation plan. The plan aims at leveraging the solidity of the bank and future-proofing it with a strategy for growth, new digital solutions and preparedness to meet new regulatory requirements.
Kasper Peters, Partner, Financial Services


As Crelan continues its transformation the bank is investing in new digital solutions for clients that make everyday transactions easier. At the same time the CEO is investing in Crelan’s people and the bank’s 600 agencies. This will ensure that clients know they can come to Crelan at key moments – when they want to buy a home, if something unexpected happens or when they need financial advice from someone they can trust.


Kasper Peters
Partner, Financial Services


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There are three current developments that are impacting today’s banking world. Rapid technological innovation, an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and, perhaps most importantly, an overall shift in society. We are moving from a society focused on ownership and individual consumption to one based on the use of goods and sharing.
Philippe Voisin, CEO Crelan

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