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ECS European Containers Ltd.

Transport logistics operator uses CSR report to share its sustainability story

In today’s business landscape, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a trend. It’s the norm. Stakeholders and society at large demand more than pure financial reporting. They want to understand the business activities behind the figures and know the real impact companies have on people and the planet.

The importance of transparency

ECS European Containers Ltd. has taken note. As a logistics operator specialising in transport between the British Isles and mainland Europe, it recognises the environmental impact of its business and has embraced sustainable logistics in day-to-day operations. In 2015 the company approached Deloitte to structure its CSR strategy and transparently inform its stakeholders and society about the impact of its activities. The Deloitte Sustainability Team prepared a sustainability report for ECS based on the company’s CSR programme, which includes its 2020 ambition of “Creating sustainable reliable logistics.”


This is a good example of how our offerings can be customised for our Private clients.
Tom Van Cauwenberge, Partner, Risk Advisory


A green competitive edge

Targets included reducing road transport, increasing train use and optimising empty container mileage. By 2020 the company aims to send 40% of shipments by train and to ensure that all containers are fully loaded. But it doesn’t stop there. The green logistics chain extends to road safety and health, and to employee and customer satisfaction.

"By going greener ECS has a competitive edge,” explains company owner Kelly De Dijcker. “It also improves the way customers, stakeholders, regulators, investors and communities feel about our business. We now have a clear CSR programme and impact-reporting process. This enables us to follow up our CSR performance, and makes it visible to the clients and other stakeholders who care about our employees and the sustainability of our logistics chain.”

Partner Tom Van Cauwenberge says, “This is a good example of how our offerings can be customised for our Private clients.”

By going greener ECS has a competitive edge.
Kelly De Dijcker, CEO ECS
Pieter Balcaen, CEO ECS

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