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The continuing internationalisation of Deloitte is creating additional career opportunities, and Global Mobility is a key talent priority. An assignment abroad not only supports the firm’s strategic objectives. It supports those of our people as well.

Working in another country or office will benefit careers and expand personal networks. An international project or assignment is an opportunity for our people to share and enhance their skills, experience new cultures, deepen business development capabilities and increase their understanding of foreign markets and business practices.

There are four main ways to take part in Global Mobility at Deloitte:

  • Going on assignment: Long Term (12 to 36 months) or Short Term (2 to 12 months), with a guaranteed position upon your return to Deloitte Belgium.
  • Permanently moving abroad: Living and working in another country for an indefinite period, without a return position at Deloitte Belgium.
  • International business travel: Attending ad hoc business or client or prospect meetings, attending trainings, conferences, etc.
  • Project work abroad: Periodically work abroad on projects.


A nearby secondment

The first time Martin Coquery took up a foreign assignment, it wasn’t far away. Now a senior manager at the Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe), in 2013-2014 he spent six months shuttling between Düsseldorf and his home in Belgium. “It was only a two-hour drive. And I stayed three days a week, so it wasn’t difficult.”

Martin had been working on indirect tax in German-speaking countries and thought it would be good to get some inside experience. “Every country and office has its own processes and ways of dealing with clients. In Belgium we’re more focused on tax compliance. In Germany it’s more about consulting and advisory. It was something new to explore.” He also expanded his network. “I got in touch with a lot of people at German offices. This has been a great asset, as I often refer work to German colleagues. Personal contact facilitates this.”

Having studied in Germany, Martin already knew something about the country. “But it was nice to experience the local culture. There are lots of different beers in Düsseldorf, and I enjoyed going out with colleagues in the evening.” He learned that the city is also special for another reason. “That’s where most Japanese companies are headquartered. We had a lot of Japanese clients. I didn't expect this and it was fun to meet them.”


What’s key is to go there with an open mind, not thinking your way is superior. It’s really a great opportunity to gain knowledge and to be active in a different culture.
Martin Coquery, Senior Manager, Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe)


And one far away

Martin’s second experience with Global Mobility took him much further afield. From May 2014 to February 2017 he lived in Hyderabad, India, the location of half of his Global Tax team. “I had already visited twice and really enjoyed it. So when a chance came to replace the manager, I was more than willing.”

The move wasn’t difficult, as both the Belgian and Indian offices provided a lot of support. “For example, finding a flat was easy. I sent a list of criteria and could choose what I wanted.” During his secondment Martin worked hard. “I managed 34 people when I arrived, and when I left the team had grown to more than 90 people. It was a big challenge and opportunity to recruit, train and supervise everyone.”

Cultural awareness was an important asset. “Unlike Europe, in India the office is also a place for socialising. On the other hand, you can rely on people after hours. It’s never an issue to call them as long as you take an interest in their personal lives. I think we are starting to see this happen in the West.”

Martin would most definitely recommend Global Mobility to other Deloitters. “What’s key is to go there with an open mind, not thinking your way is superior. It’s really a great opportunity to gain knowledge and to be active in a different culture.”


Cynthia Loontiens
Global Mobility Lead


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At Deloitte we strongly encourage our people to explore international possibilities that will enrich their careers. It is clear that Global Mobility will continue to increase in the future. In particular, we notice substantial growth in working abroad on cross-border projects.
Cynthia Loontiens, Global Mobility Lead

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