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Innovative Talent

Creating a unique talent experience

At Deloitte, innovation plays a crucial role in making us the employer of choice. Our talent strategy aims to make an impact that matters at every career stage by creating a unique talent experience for our people: future, current and alumni. Innovation has improved the effectiveness of our talent communications, facilitated the onboarding journey of new hires, and optimised repetitive talent tasks

So what does innovative talent look like? Many projects launched over the past year have shown how our talent practice will evolve – and the possibilities are limitless.

Deloitte Welcome App

We create an impactful talent experience for over 900 new hires each year. Even before their first day at work the aim is to excite, impress and engage them, as well as train, connect and interact with them.

As soon as they sign a contract we invite them to download the Deloitte Welcome app. It allows us to connect with and support our new hires in the best possible way: sharing relevant information and making them feel welcome to ensure a unique onboarding experience. The Welcome app provides:

  • information about Deloitte and their business unit
  • a welcome message from CEO Piet Vandendriessche
  • a sneak peek at their first days and weeks at Deloitte
  • a flavour of the Deloitte brand and ambassadorship
  • an introduction to the principles of our Simply Irresistible Organisation
  • a 360° view of our Gateway office
  • practical tips & tricks to get started
  • pulse checks to share their input and experiences with us
  • quizzes to test their knowledge about our firm

Since the launch of the Deloitte Welcome app, more than 500 new hires have been invited to download it. Of these, 76% have activated the tool. Users give the app a score of 4.28 out of 5.00. Every day on average, the app is accessed by 30 new hires and receives more than 200 visits!

Given the app’s success, we are continually improving its features and content. We’re also very much looking forward to using this concept in other ways to widen the employee's digital talent experience!


Our Welcome app brings us close to our new colleagues and makes them feel welcome well before their first day at the office.
Geert Smets, Talent Project Lead

MyBenefits Platform

Launched in May 2017, MyBenefits is a digital platform designed to provide our employees with a full overview of their individual compensation and benefits. Fully mobile – available anytime, anywhere – the platform greatly increases the everyday efficiency of our professionals, many of whom require this information when abroad.

The one-stop-shop provides a seamless employee experience. It displays personalised data covering all the financial and extra-legal benefits of working for Deloitte: salary packages, holidays, insurance coverage and mobile phone plans. It provides an overview of learning and development possibilities, including wellbeing at work. The platform is also used to communicate new features or changes, for example salary increases and bonuses at the end of the yearly evaluation process.

MyBenefits gives employees an increased awareness and understanding of their salary packages, and boosts their power of choice when launching a flexible benefits scheme.


Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotics is increasingly part of our workforce and processes – especially those that are manual, repetitive and rule based. Using this innovative technology in our talent department offers many benefits, including shorter cycle times, detailed data capture, improved accuracy, flexibility and lower costs.

Launched in April 2017, RPA software provides the Rewards & Analytics Team with a smart and optimised way to create contracts and policies for new hires. It ensures all data is quickly and correctly captured, accelerating the hiring process. Generating documents and encoding data for new hires used to take over four hours per employee. With RPA it’s done in three minutes!

This automation will allow us to manage the yearly increases in new hires. By gaining time, our talent teams can focus on advisory tasks instead of administration. It will not only increase their engagement by making work more meaningful, but also offer an enhanced talent experience for all employees.

We will continue to explore the ways automating talent processes can be beneficial, while gaining in-house knowledge about RPA.


Annelies Bijdekerke
Talent Project Manager


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We clearly see that the expectations of our workforce have shifted. To live up to them we need to keep reinventing ourselves.
Annelies Bijdekerke, Talent Project Manager

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