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A coaching and skill-building journey

Talent initiatives are a top priority for sustainable growth across the firm. Supported by our hands-on management approach, Deloitte Belgium is striving to become a simply irresistible organisation in which we value the diversity of our people and promote a coaching culture to stimulate their personal and professional growth. In fiscal year 2018, we are starting to focus on training initiatives for manager-level talents and above, as part of the new Reinventing Performance Management process.

The Continuous Learning model

We support and encourage our employees to learn continuously throughout their career by developing technical, industry, leadership and professional skills. The framework driving our activities is the Continuous Learning model. As the name suggests, it means that we do not look at learning and development only in terms of formal or planned learning activities. Rather, we adopt a holistic approach by looking at all the elements that propel professional development. Although many organisations focus mostly on formal education, research tells us that 70% of learning occurs outside of formal programmes. Therefore, the Continuous Learning model accounts for learning in four contexts: education, experience, environment and exposure.

  • Education: These are the learning elements most of us think of when we refer to Learning and Development, such as classroom training, e-learning and Deloitte University.
  • Experience: An important part of development is established on the job. It includes broader experiences through challenging assignments and global mobility.
  • Environment: We provide up-to-date tools and technology that employees can use to learn on the job, or that support them in their work. For example, information systems, search engines, job-aids and online asset libraries.
  • Exposure: We also help development by building connections through professional conferences, communities of practices, coaching and counseling.


Talent-centric learning models need to map to individual career goals.
Lieve Creten, Managing Partner Talent


Coaching Relationship Compass
Coaching Relationship Compass

The Coaching Relationship Compass

The coaching workshops are run by certified coaches and co-facilitated by Deloitte practitioners. The training is navigated using the Coaching Relationship Compass, which focuses on adopting the appropriate mentality to effectively take part in the learning programme. Increasing the level of trust between coach and participant encourages a “growth mindset” that leads to improved relationships and shared objectives. The aim is to inspire all employees to embrace our coaching culture. Training others and yourself to adopt a forward-thinking attitude, collaborating with your peers to find solutions – these are essential tools for effective communication.

The group learning process is carried out in several phases. Before the programme, participants have a counsellor-led assessment to discuss and define objectives. Participants can also enrich their experience by using the available e-learning and introductory reading materials, and creating individual “BizChem” profiles of their business personalities. During the programme participants actively engage in the training workshops and develop a personalised plan of action. As part of the assessment process they continue to work with their counsellors at Deloitte on evaluating and refining their journeys.


It is great to see the energy level in the classroom sessions. Communicating effectively, providing and receiving impactful feedback, asking powerful questions - these are topics we are all confronted with daily. Our consultants quickly understand how to leverage this learning journey to make a difference at Deloitte.
Kristina De Raeymaeker, Learning and Talent Development Manager, Consulting


Anneleen Arnold
Learning and Development Manager


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We focus on continuous learning and encourage our employees to learn in many different ways. As such, we re-evaluate the types of training we offer and how we deliver them.
Anneleen Arnold, Learning and Development Manager

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