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Getting greener

Sustainability starts at home

Around the world, governments, businesses and individuals are making real efforts to ensure their activities are more environmentally friendly. Deloitte’s sustainability experts not only help clients achieve this. The team is also transforming our Belgian firm into a bright green example for others to follow.

It starts with our buildings. A major step was taken a few years back with our new Ghent office. Its construction was certified by BREEAM: the world's leading sustainability-assessment method for buildings. Next were relocations to greener office spaces in Leuven and Liège. All of this paved the way for the Gateway building, our new head office, which has a BREEAM "excellent" label. As of January 2017 68% of Deloitte Belgium’s office space had a BREEAM rating of “very good” or higher.

Environmental criteria are also part of our supplier contracts. For example, across Belgium 97% of the energy we purchase is renewable. And a digital office policy is reducing paper use. This fell from 133 tonnes in 2012 to 101 tonnes by 2017: a drop of 24%. Deloitte itself is assessed each year by Ecovadis, a sustainability-rating platform for global supply chains. Criteria include environment, energy and CO₂ emissions; working conditions and practices; fair business practices; and sustainable purchasing policy. Deloitte has been granted the Ecovadis Silver label.

It’s not just our workspaces that matter, but also how we get there. That’s why we’ve made sustainable mobility such a major focus. The specific locations of our new offices in Zaventem, Ghent and Leuven were chosen with mobility in mind. These offices have excellent accessibility with public transport. For those opting to travel by car, company vehicles must meet ever-stricter CO₂ limits, and car choices include hybrid and electric models. Moreover, our professionals receive training in smart driving to keep emissions down. Both the Ghent and Gateway offices provide charging stations for electric vehicles. Shared electric cars have been introduced for transportation from the office to client sites. And a carpool app used by more than 650 commuters has been created to make ride sharing easy.


Since 2012, Deloitte Belgium has substantially reduced its CO₂ output per full-time employee. We will continue to build on our efforts and our ambition now is to decrease emissions firm wide by 25% by 2021.
Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium


Sustainability in motion

Lasting from March to September, the Mobility Trial let a large number of enthusiastic Deloitters try out different private and public transport options. The data gathered from users will help our mobility team roll out Mobility Packs: transport packages that save our people time and money while saving the planet. Another aim was to change mobility mindsets. And it worked. Lisa Donders, a senior consultant in Risk Advisory, was one of more than 900 Deloitters who took part in the trial. She has committed to changing her mobility behaviour by replacing her company car for a train subscription.

Deloitte also provides employees with special offers on bicycles, including the foldable Brompton bike, which is perfect for taking on the train. At Gateway bicycles are available for people to use to get around. Demonstrating their passion for green mobility, on this year’s Car Free Day over 650 Deloitters travelled by either train, bus or bicycle.

What about travelling abroad? Deloitte Belgium promotes train travel to the neighbouring countries and encourages video conferencing. Every effort makes our firm more sustainable.


Bart Vercauteren
Director, Risk Advisory
Sustainability Lead

At Deloitte, sustainability is a high priority. We continuously measure and monitor a series of indicators to effectively manage the impact of our actions.
Bart Vercauteren, Director Risk Advisory, Sustainability Lead

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