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In 2018, Deloitte announced our collaboration with 19, a nonprofit IT coding school in Belgium based on “Ecole 42” which was created by internet pioneer Xavier Niel in France. The school’s ambition is to develop the next generation of IT experts.

The education program is based on a unique philosophy: students learn to code progressing through levels, similar to online games. No teachers, no lessons or exams – motivation and peer-to-peer coaching are key. The school is entirely free, and it is accessible to anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 years old after they pass the selection round.

On 25 May, Sophie Wilmès, the Minister of Budget in Belgium, and Xavier Niel attended the coding school’s inauguration. About 100 to 150 students participated in School 19’s first selection round between the months of June, July, and August. Each round involved a one-month immersion to get acquainted with the programme, meet the other candidates, and learn the basics of coding. On average, 40% passed the selection round to be eligible for the next academic year.

In addition to our financial support, Deloitte will collaborate with 19 through monthly touchpoints with students in order to share technology experiences, tools, and methods. As of October, our technology consultants will be in regular contact with students to share experiences and coach them in their program, and also train them on last technologies like IoT, Robots, and Machine Learning.

Our collaboration with 19 not only reinforces our brand within the IT community and keeps us close to the latest innovations; it also allows us to contribute to strengthening the job market in Belgium.


Alexandra van Hille

Chief of Staff Technology

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