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Information security management

The Barco company sign off is “Enabling bright outcomes.” To help realise this promise, the global technology company is working with Deloitte to ensure the secure delivery of products and services to its clients.

A technology leader with R&D facilities in 29 countries, Barco develops presentation solutions for visualisation and innovative collaboration in three main markets: enterprise, healthcare, and entertainment. Rapid changes in technology, regulations, society, and the cyber threat landscape made Barco ask important questions:

What is our cyber strategy? How can we best manage our security operations? How do we deliver secure products and services to clients? How do we protect our intellectual property? And in all these respects, how do we differentiate ourselves in the industry?

Barco continues strengthening its information security management system, ensuring the cyber secure execution of “Enabling Bright Outcomes”.

Wim Hermans, Director, Risk Advisory, Cyber Risk Services

Addressing critical needs

Barco CEO Jan De Witte and his team decided to implement an information security management system (ISMS). In 2017, they had already worked with Deloitte Risk Advisory on a cyber strategy framework to monitor and manage the resilience of the company’s digital infrastructure. This experience, and Deloitte’s history of successful ISMS implementations for other clients, convinced Barco to collaborate with Deloitte once again, this time to address its critical cyber security needs.

In this project, the Deloitte cyber team served as lead implementer and advisor. It took part in multiple project phases: conducting a risk assessment, creating a risk reduction strategy, setting up a governance and reporting structure with KPIs, and conducting internal and external audits.

With the ISMS fully operational, Barco is on the right track to obtain an ISO/IEC 27001 information security certification. In this way the company can assure its clients that every time they purchase and use a presentation solution, their sensitive data will remain secure. The Deloitte cyber team is proud of enabling this bright outcome for Barco.


Maarten Mostmans

Partner, Risk Advisory

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