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In collaboration with Deloitte Consulting, Borealis is creating a new digital organisation to identify, select, and utilise disruptive technologies that will bring the company closer to the customer.

This unique initiative will enhance the Borealis customer experience and result in the launch of new digital products and assets.

Thomas Van de Velde, VP Hydrocarbons & Energy and Owner of the Digitalisation Programme, Borealis

Headquartered in Vienna, Borealis produces base chemicals, innovative polyolefins, and fertiliser products and services. It employs 6,600 people and operates in over 120 countries. With its markets becoming more global and competitive, the company wanted to leverage digital products and technologies to improve and strengthen the business, improve the customer experience, leverage IOT and analytics to optimise processes and services, and develop new business models.

In October 2017, Borealis decided to accelerate its digital transformation journey by collaborating with Deloitte Consulting to build an in-house “digital studio”. It is Borealis’ creative and agile enabler to develop smart solutions for their customers and employees leveraging digital technologies. “We are helping Borealis to capitalise on opportunities that will result in smarter customer interactions, supply chain optimisation, and industrial operations,” says Tim Paridaens, Programme Director, Deloitte Consulting.

Digital Studio

At Deloitte, we know how challenging it can be to build a digital studio. It requires not only the hiring and training of a mix of people and capabilities, but also the definition and embedment of an acceleration processes across and within the studio, business, and IT organisation.

We feel privileged to assist Borealis in realising such an ambitious program. They are setting a new digital standard for the industry, and it is great to be part of that journey.

Frederik Debrabander, Partner, Consulting

As such, an important step to creating the Borealis digital studio was to define its mandate within the broader organisation. In a session led by Deloitte’s Change by Design team, the key Borealis stakeholders worked together with Deloitte to determine the mission and scope of activities. According to Irene Pawloy, Digitalisation Progamme Manager, Borealis, “the studio’s agile way of working and speed of delivery are widely acknowledged role models and truly transformational for Borealis.”

Next to the setup of the digital studio, Deloitte is supporting the design, prototyping, and creation of several digital solutions following the defined acceleration process. As agile principles are deeply embedded in the process, end-user needs and feedback are continuously assessed and used for further improvement of the company’s products. The first product is live since May, and the next three products are going live in September and October.


Frederik Debrabander

Partner, Consulting

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