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Code for Cape Town

Making an impact in South Africa

For the third year in a row, a group of ambassadors sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation travelled to South Africa. Their aim? To support a new beneficiary called Code for Cape Town by inspiring young people, and to make a local and sustainable impact.

Kevin at Code for Cape Town

Code for Cape Town (C4CT) empowers young people to leverage technology for social innovation. Encouraging greater diversity in the African tech industry, the programme better prepares the next generation for success in the workplace.

Arriving in August, the five volunteers had the opportunity to engage with 40 students of the organisation's CodeSpace programme by helping them prepare for interviews, and introducing the topics of Business Chemistry and digital fluency. They also visited local high schools, where they taught personal branding while learning about the culture, dreams, and struggles of their students. At C4CT, the volunteers also facilitated a session on Business Chemistry and team dynamics. The beneficiary organisation has grown significantly over the past year, and our volunteers were eager to contribute to their success.

Meet the Deloitte Foundation ambassadors who volunteered in South Africa this year!

  • Kevin Van der Plas, Manager, Consulting
  • Magda Szczepanska, Recruitment System Specialist, Deloitte Services & Investments
  • Anke Ooms, Senior Consultant, Risk Advisory
  • Els Van de Kerkhove, Executive Management Assistant, Consulting
  • David Logie, HR Officer, Accountancy
From left to right: Kevin Van der Plas, Magda Szczepanska, Anke Ooms, Els Van de Kerkhove, and David Logie


Claire Van Bergen

Senior Director, Deloitte Foundation

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